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The Switch Platform

The Switch Platform is a turnkey SaaS solution for first-party data. Our clients achieve +90% match rates and +30% ROAS growth on average. Switch automatically syncs everyday, in real-time - and we do it all without handling sensitive PII.

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One True Table™

Which data points can help us improve customer acquisition? How do we format it? What hashing algorithm should we use? These questions can be frustrating. Switch has the answers.

Our platform has mastered the ideal first-party data foundation, so you can train your campaigns on the business objectives you actually care about. Avoid guesswork and rework - get it right and get the right customers.

On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Is your digital transformation never ending? It doesn't have to be. Switch provides an enterprise friendly SFTP to Cloud service to get your data safely and securely into the cloud.

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Data Security and Compliance

Data security and privacy is the largest and most critical investment at Switch. The Switch Platform is monitored in real-time for SOC2 compliance and meets the most rigorous regulatory and security standards of large enterprises. While we never handle sensitive personal information, Switch always operates as if we do.


Switch is currently invite only.
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Unlimited data volume, frequency, and customer segments

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Unlimited data volume, frequency, and customer segments

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Unlimited data volume, frequency, and customer segments

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We're proud to be partnering with some of the most iconic brands and advanced marketing teams across North America.

Online appointments

Global Pharma Company unlocks profitable growth marketing with Switch

With tougher in-category competition, this direct-to-consumer brand turned to the Switch Platform and automated the import of offline conversions and first-party audiences. By importing recurring purchases and survey leads directly into Google and YouTube bid strategies, this marketer changed the game.

52% reduction in CPA
157% increase in monthly
e-commerce sales
238% increase in e-commerce
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North American ecommerce retailer scales sales volume with Switch

With disruptive changes to iOS tracking throughout 2021, existing Facebook and Instagram campaigns struggled to perform. This high growth ecommerce company turned to the Switch Platform to activate lookalike audiences and Meta's Conversions API - triggering real-time updates to campaigns each time a purchase is completed. Facebook and Instagram are now this marketer's most efficient and critical growth channels.

88% reduction in CPA
31% growth in monthly sales
46% increase in conversion rate
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US financial services provider reduces advertising waste and shortens time to revenue with Switch

Credit card acquisition has become hyper-competitive in the US market and paid search marketing was leading to an increasing number of dormant accounts. This US bank challenged convention and partnered with Switch to unlock the power of offline conversions. Rather than focus on completed or approved applications, this marketer optimized paid search to active credit card usage. The result: improved book profitability and nearly three times the weekly investment in Google search campaigns.

35% reduced cost per active card
25% growth in monthly recurring revenue
18% decrease in time to card activation
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Online appointment service improves ROAS by 27%, while growing lead volume in new categories with Switch

This marketing team piloted Switch to test offline conversions for real revenue and gross margin objectives. Switch delivered +95% match rates on revenue and gross margin events across Google, Meta and TikTok. Campaigns are now consistently acquiring more leads, booked appointments and monthly subscription sign-ups - while lowering the cost of each new customer acquired.

27% improved Return on Ad Spend
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Our vision is to become the world's most trusted first-party data and AI training technology.

Our mission is to harness data and AI to continually enrich the relationship between businesses and consumers. Switch is a data-powered growth marketing platform that intelligently connects innovative brands with high value customers to boost marketing efficiency by greater than 50%.

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Our team built the Switch Platform by uniting marketing, engineering, AI and data security expertise.

Headshot of Riley Nelko.

Riley Nelko

CEO & Co-founder

Over 12 years of business development, corporate strategy, and SaaS technology experience. Career: various positions over 8 years at Google, Strategy Consultant at Accenture. Education: HBA at Ivey School of Business, Applied Machine Learning at University of Toronto.

Headshot of Georges Gabereau.

Georges Gabereau

CTO & Co-founder

Over 15 years of full stack software engineering experience. Career: Co-Founder and CTO at Give, Principal Engineer at Autodesk, Developer at 500px, Lead Technical Architect at Mosaic. Education: HBA at University of Toronto.

Headshot of Adam Lazareck.

Adam Lazareck

CFO & Co-founder

Over 15 years of private equity, corporate strategy and M&A experience. Career: Principal at CFON, Principal at Clairvest Group, Strategy Consultant at IBM, Management Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Education: PHD in Nanotechnology at Brown University.

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